Export Import Guideline Certificate Training

  • Up Coming TrainingSept 23-24, 2019
  • Duration2 DaysFri-Sat, 10am-4pm
  • Training FeeBDT 2,999


In Trading globally gives consumers and countries the opportunity to be exposed to new markets and products. Almost every kind of product can be found in the international market: food, clothes, spare parts, oil, jewelry, wine, stocks, currencies, and water. Services are also traded: tourism, banking, consulting, and transportation. A product that is sold to the global market is an export, and a product that is bought from the global market is an import. Imports and exports are accounted for in a country's current account in the balance of payments.

In the year 2015, items worth of $ 40 billion or BDT 3,20,000 crore have been imported from China, India and other countries in Bangladesh. Despite the huge opportunities for export-Import business (especially with China) the number of entrepreneurs are really very few. Out of many reasons, lack of proper and complete information and understanding of this business is the main reason why people are not widely grabbing this opportunity. Often time it is considered that the Export-Import Business is difficult to do and it requires a big investment but these is completely wrong information. One can even start to import from Chine with as little as BDT 20,000/- or 30,000/-. Actually the most important thing is the clear knowledge; in order to start an export-export business, an individual initially needs a a clear idea and essential information related to it; once one gets a cleat picture about how the export-import business is operated, doing it practically becomes very easy.

In this course, students will be able to know the A-Z of Import and Export Business (International Trade). Like every business, import and export business needs some very specific specialised knowledge and skills. Here in this course, everything is described very elaborately so that each and every students can know the details of this business.

LamYaKun has introduced knowledge based export-import training for aspiring individuals who are looking for opportunities to build and grow their career as an entrepreneur. So, if you think you are one of them who is interested to learn everything about import and export business (international business) and want to distinguish yourself from the common people then this is the perfect course for you. So lets not wait anothr day and miss the opportunity to book a seat on the next export-import training session.

Course Topics

  • Business plan
  • How much money to start with
  • PWhat the product will bring
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • L/C can be open at the lowest price.
  • How To Do Casting
  • How Do Marketing
  • Copy of the practical demo of L / C with license, banking, shipping document


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