So let’s start right from the beginning. When I landed in Gothenburg last year, I asked a stranger what is the best way to get to the central station. He introduced me to a bus company called Flygbussarna. Flygbussarna provides transport to and from almost all the airports in Sweden. When you buy the ticket, you’ll receive a QR code that you should place in front of the scanner on the bus. 

Price: It’s honestly on the pricier side since the travel time is usually about 45 minutes and the cost is SEK 119 (online). 
Tips: Although Flygbussarna does not provide any student discounts, it has discounts for groups. And you should know that it is a bit cheaper if you buy it online compared to buying it at the station/airport. I suggest using their app to buy the ticket. 

Alternative options

1. Flixbus – bus (and train) company that connects several cities and airports around the whole country. (usually very affordable, prices vary depending on the destinations) 
2. Arlanda Express – a train that connects Stockholm Central station and Arlanda airport. (18 mins, prices vary relative to age)
3. You can always opt for regional public transport

Regional public transport

Each region of Sweden has its own public transport section. Regional public transport will basically take you anywhere in the specific region. It applies to buses, trains, trams, and ferries. So it will most likely be the ticket you’ll need for transport in the city/town. The most common regional public transport companies are: 

  • SL – main public transport in Stockholm
  • UL – public transport in and around Uppsala county
  • Skånetrafiken – includes all of Skåne, transport from Malmö to Denmark, and connections from Malmö to Gothenburg 
  • Västtrafik – all buses and trains in Västra Götaland including Gothenburg and Skövde
  • Östgotatrafiken – trains and buses in the Östergötland

Price: There is not one general price for all of the regions since the areas they cover are of different sizes. It is however usually the cheapest form of transport. The types of tickets range from one-time tickets to 3 months tickets and they usually have student/youth discounts. 
Tips: Make sure you know which region your university belongs to and download the regional public transport app in advance. 

I use Västtrafik to get to Gothenburg’s airport now and it ends up being much cheaper! And I also bought a monthly ticket when I arrived so that I could go and explore the region. 😊 Honestly, the best way to start your school year!


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